Quick Dry, Evaporates Perspiration

Our garments dry extremely quickly; in fact, they dry significantly faster than conventional materials. The reason is that the inner side of the textile quickly absorbs moisture resulting from perspiration, and rapidly distributes this moisture along the entire textile for evaporation. Furthermore, the natural cooling process of the body is assisted as the moisture evaporates close to the skin. The added benefit thereof is the non-noticeability of perspiration marks, allowing you to look great despite breaking a sweat! The result is a constant feel-good sensation.

UV Protected, Heat Resistant

Nuisances that come with overheating, such as the socially awkward appearance of perspiration marks, are eliminated thanks to the fabrics’ ability to minimize the thermal radiation absorption that occurs from long sunlight exposure. Although darker coloured textiles typically absorb more light and heat, all our garments, both light and dark, provide exceptional heat management and UV protection. They help the natural cooling process of the body and reduce the heat build up you often experience, such as while waiting for your bus on your way to work on a hot summer’s morning!

The result: our mamquam garments, even the beloved black, will remain cool to the touch! The benefit to you? An appreciable difference in comfort, wellbeing, and performance.  Additionally, you’re skin is protected from harmful UV rays with a guaranteed minimum of UPF 30.

Water & Stain Repellent

The outside layer of our garments are both water and stain repellent! This function helps keep you dry and look good, even in the rain! Despite these functions, the fabric is still breathable. This grants you a comfortable feeling both inside and out, in rain or sunshine.

Comfortable, Flexible, &Tough

The innovative synthetic blend consisting primarily of micromodal is designed to provide quality, stretchability, and a real sensation of heavenly comfort, all while still withstanding tough wear. This luxurious soft synthetic fabric is softer than cotton, yet is ergonomic with a high strength-flexibility combination; this makes it ideal for travel, as movement and comfort are often required.   

The fabric is guaranteed to be skin friendly, as the skin can breath through this material blend. Furthermore, the textile production is environmentally friendly; this corresponds with Mamquam’s commitment to promote ecological sustainability.