How do I best take care for my clothing and ensure it lasts?

Our clothing is machine washable unless indicted otherwise. Due to the embedded technologies the clothing will remain clean throughout most activities. Rather than washing the trousers every time a stain is encountered, we encourage to use a damp cloth and simply wipe away the stain, unless you have really been in some sticky situation. Before the wash we recommend you close all zippers, buttons and if possible place the clothing inside a mesh washing bag. 


I would like to make some adjustments at my tailor, can you give some advice?

Due to the embedded technologies, the fabric will shrink approximately 2-3% during and only during the first wash. Therefore we advise to wash the trousers before they are tailored. We chose to create a simple finishing, so the length can be adjusted effortlessly to suit the different styling ideas people prefer. 


Could you explain how your products are water and stain repellant?  

The embedded technologies result in the fabric being water and stain repellant, this is not to be confused with water/stain proof. The technologies allow the material to be protected and remain significantly dry and clean in wet and dirty situations. If dirt does manage to stay on the clothing, we advise you to take a damp cloth and wipe it away. In most cases this will be sufficient to having a clean trouser. Otherwise wash.  


Can you tell us something about the UV blocking and heat regulation technology?

Dark colors tend to absorb more heat than light colors, this effect is reduced significantly with the embedded UVA and UVB protective technologies. Furthermore the technologies provide reliable protection from the suns rays. To quote our supplier "A UPF of 30 (minimum) is guaranteed for all colors and textiles, without the feel or look of the product being affected." - Schoeller Textiles


Could you explain the perspiration absorption and cooling effect that occurs from wearing the Chameleon clothing?

The inside of the the textile absorbs and distributes moisture over a large surface area, speeding up the evaporation process.  The increased rate at which the moister evaporates close to the skin, leads to an increase in the natural cooling sensation caused by this effect.  Sweat marks are practically invisible from the outside.


How long do the technologies last?

We work with the leading textile technology companies, which ensure highest quality and optimal results.  We estimate that the technologies should last approximately 20-40 washing cycles, however depending on the care given this can vary.  In most cases, Mamquam's clothing does not need the same maintenance as regular clothing, and furthermore does not need to be washed as often, as it remains fresh for a couple of weeks.