Fashion & Technology


Mamquam is defined by our way of understanding the world and reflected through our garments –the textiles we use, the details in production, the transparency behind and beyond each process– to set an example for how high fashion can be both ethical, durable and aesthetically pleasing. We believe in rewarding and collaborating with honest and progressive suppliers and brands, and will encourage others to do the same. Through this archetype we want to inspire others to make decisions that foster these values, rethink our fashion choices and embrace the perception of the world as valuable and vulnerable – all in order to aim toward a future in harmony.

Mamquam is an innovative fashion house based in Switzerland. Our creations are influenced by contemporary culture, technology, minimalism, and functionality. Unlike conventional brands, the element of continuity that blankets Mamquam is not a specific product or service, rather the mindset and attitude we put behind each project.  

We work only with the highest quality technical fabrics. Our designs are created and produced in Barcelona, Spain. Our values are characterized by an ethical responsibility, allowing our consumer to improve their quality of life without harming the environment.